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    A Contagious New Year

    January 5, 2018

    What does it mean to be contagious?  Immediately you think of spreading germs right?  Me too, but being contagious can have a very positive meaning as well.  To be contagious means you have something to share or give to another person; it means whatever you have rubs off on other people; it means whatever you have can’t be kept to yourself. 


    HP + CP + CC = MI 


    What does this cryptic formula mean?  It means it’s possible for you to effectively communicate your faith to the people you’re around.  The letters stand for the basic principles of evangelism: 


    HP = A High Potency Christian Character 

    CP = Close Proximity to our Friends 

    CC = Clear Communication of the Gospel 

    MI = Maximum Impact 


    I know, it looked scary to me at first too because it looks like Math, but there’s no need to fear, it’s really an easy way to develop the best relational approach to impacting your world for Christ.  What we’re really talking about is YOU becoming a Contagious Christian.  Becoming a Contagious Christian will help you: 


    [Symbol] Discover your own natural style of communicating your faith 

    [Symbol]Develop a contagious Christian character 

    [Symbol]Build spiritually strategic relationships 

    [Symbol]Learn to direct conversations toward matters of faith 

    [Symbol]Share Biblical truths in everyday language 


    You don’t have to be paralyzed when you hear the word “evangelism.”  Becoming a contagious Christian will give you fresh hope that your friends’ lives can change—and that you might be the instrument that impacts their eternity. 


    Let’s become Contagious in 2018!  Happy New Year! 




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