Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again (John 4:14)


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    Merry Christmas!

    December 1, 2017

    May God’s spirit move in you as you focus on God’s master plan. Today His plan is real and relevant in our lives just as it was when it began in the manger.

    Love, Grace, Mercy, and Truth came to earth as a baby and the good news for you and I is that we have the whole story. We have his birth, his life, his ministry, his death, and his resurrection, but the story doesn’t end here.


    Jesus trained, mentored, and encouraged a dozen men to carry on his ministry as he ascended to the father. Those men turned the world upside down and the Bride of Christ “The Church” came to be.


    Two thousand years later, we exist to carry out the purposes of God that He has challenged the church to fulfill. You see, in the BIG picture God’s master plan is being fulfilled by churches who know His purposes and live his purposes.


    So you ask, Kevin, what are the purposes of the church? There are 5 Purposes the church must fulfill in order to become a healthy, Biblical church.


    1. Evangelism

    2. Fellowship

    3. Discipleship

    4. Ministry

    5. Worship


    Yes, at some level we’re doing these, but my question to you is this; can we do them better? Obviously, this is a loaded question because the answer is YES, we can do these better and I believe we are doing them better.


    If you’re involved in the LIFE of the church beyond Sunday morning service, you know in your heart of hearts that Cornerstone’s efforts have increased in ministry capability, we’ve extended our out- reach, fellowship has increased, and the purposes of God are being fulfilled.


    The Purpose of our church is:

    To connect unconnected people to Jesus Christ and Develop Fully Devoted Followers of Him.


    The greatest gift you can give to God is the gift of total surrender. Rick Warren said it well when he said, “It’s not about me, it’s about God!” This is a good reminder for us all when we look at the issue of God’s plan for our life and His church.


    The greatest gift ever given came over 2000 years ago when God sent His son to earth as a baby fully knowing that the gift would be fulfilled 33 years later on a cross. My question to you this season is: Are your ready to really commit your life to Christ and his body? Are you willing to count the cost and give your life back to God?


    Please be praying about your commitment to the body of Christ and where you can give back as we focus on the gift of Jesus Christ. 2018 is Going to be a “Banner” Year for Cornerstone!


    Praying for a Healthy Church,




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    Excellent devotional blog preparing the church for 2018.

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